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All-Natural Hair Spritz

All-Natural Hair Spritz

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This one is a best-seller and it's no wonder why. All-Natural Hair Spritz encourages health + growth with naturally nourishing ingredients. A product base of organic witch hazel and castor oil keeps pores calm and clear. Lavender and cedarwood essential oils soothe and moisturize hair follicles while peppermint and rosemary gently stimulate hair growth. So if you've been searching for a chemical-free product to help achieve long, luxurious's finally here!

Bonus Benefits: Used with a hair dryer, this product adds immediate volume and texture. And mommies, this spritz contains rosemary, making it an excellent product to help prevent lice!

To Use: Apply to freshly-washed, damp hair. Just spritz on your roots and work in with your fingers to enjoy longer, healthier strands!


witch hazel, castor oil, rosemary+cedarwood+lavender+peppermint essential oils

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Customer Reviews

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My hair is back!

I was at loss for words when my hair started falling out after bariatric surgery. I had a complete bald spot in the top of my head. I started using this spray in hopes that my hair would come back soon. Six to seven mouths later my hair was going back and plus fuller. Im

Ann Ross

Maybe, it’s helping.

Hair growth seen

I’ve been using since the May Canton Flea Market. Seeing results.