About Us

We are a growing small business located in North Mississippi. Small Town Homestead is owned and operated by me, Ashley, a small-town wife and mom. 

In our home, we deal with numerous complications ranging anywhere from autism to kidney disease. After a few adverse reactions to products with preservatives and unnecessary ingredients, I knew something had to change. 

As a mom, protecting my children from potentially harmful chemicals is of utmost importance to me. In 2018, it all started with me making a few extra jars of elderberry syrup for friends and family. They kept coming back for more and the number of jars just kept growing! It quickly became apparent that there were plenty of people like me looking for great quality products without all the unnecessary ingredients. 

As a small-town girl, I was brought up with old-fashioned values and entrepreneurial spirit. I am so excited to make available my small-batched hand-crafted blends in a way that showcases their honest, pure ingredients. With our website and online business, what was once only available to my friends and family is now accessible to great folks like you!

We are committed to finding and making all-natural products that are safe for the entire family. Thank you for joining us on this journey.